Tecglass Stone Design Collection

13 September, 2017

To recreate the power and magic of nature while staying true to the characteristic light weight of glass, Tecglass has created a sophisticated range of images and decorative patterns based on natural stone. Marble, quartz, malachite and amber are the star players in the Stone Design Collection, always available in the Designs Catalog on the Tecglass website. You will find inspiration for new creations in this extensive catalog of ideas and solutions.

Tecglass digital technology makes it possible to produce uniquely original surfaces, with absolute precision, for everything from cladding with a non-processed look to the most sophisticated and linear textures.
The Tecglass Designs Catalog is a complete gallery of ready-to-use files in the most commonly-used graphic formats. It is the perfect tool to use when you need to check your work or display the effects of the many images and graphic patterns that can be applied to glass. Especially when you are designing a job and need to present your graphic projects to an architect, designer or other customers. It offers an efficient means of highlighting the outstanding effects that can be achieved with Tecglass machines.

The Stone Design Collection enhances the Designs Catalog with a vast range of solutions to serve as inspiration for those who are seeking a design filled with brilliance, luxurious quality and elegant appeal, capable of adding value to every interior design project.

Take a look at the entire collection in our Design Catalog.